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The Course

This associated Program is born from the construction of interinstitutional and academic interfaces developed and matured over the last years between FUNDAJ and UFRPE. The course aims to train teachers and researchers in a complex and dynamic context that marks the current times of the knowledge society. In these terms, an innovative process promotes the production of knowledge that aims to respond to the emerging and structuring problems of today's society, favoring a more appropriate understanding of the processes of formulation and management of cultural and educational public policies, as well as analysis of social movements and educational practices and educational processes around childhood and youth, contributing to the improvement of the implementation of these policies by government agencies. The Program, by choosing as the articulating thematic axis the interrelation between Education, Cultures and Identities, refers to a process of epistemological criticism and the construction of an innovative formative praxis of researchers. In this sense, it will offer a multidisciplinary training in an interdisciplinary perspective so that, at the end of the course, the postgraduate students are able to understand and develop complex educational and cultural processes, facing the challenges of contemporary times and responding to formative needs in its political, cognitive, affective and cultural aspects. To achieve the proposed interdisciplinary objectives, the academic activities of PPGECI will consist of disciplines and activities related to the development and training of researchers and teachers-researchers in the field of Education, understanding it as an interdisciplinary phenomenon.

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